Bicycles, babies, birthdays, mind-blowing events, tennis balls

Annette recently attended her second Wisdom 2.0 conference and said it was just as thought provoking and inspiring as the first!  “I met people from all over the world, in all different lines of work, who are seeking a better way to live in our fast-paced digital world, with more compassion and deeper connection. It was incredible to spend a weekend with more than 3,000 people who are such kindred spirits. Now, comes the hard part – actually being the change we want to see in the world.”   

Justin and his wife, Katherine, are expecting a baby on Aug. 4! They have been busy preparing to welcome a new family member. “We are thrilled and have been busy planning, which has taken up some time and energy,” he said.

Chuck is helping area teachers with their retirement planning through Leadership Public Schools, where he volunteers. “I’ve had so many great teachers in my life so it feels really good to help dedicated teachers plan for their retirement.”

Courtney and her boyfriend, TJ, spent the holidays with their families in Long Island, N.Y. They enjoyed seeing the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and the city’s holiday décor, as well as celebrating the holidays together.

Courtney went to Los Angeles for a two-day conference at Dimensional Fund Advisors where Gene Fama, economist and Nobel laureate, spent discussed his academic research and life achievements. “It was fascinating!”

Chuck and extended family celebrated four January birthdays by sitting on the edge of their seats as they watched the Superbowl. The family sipped on homemade soup made by Chuck’s mom and then devoured four homemade cakes made by daughter Genny. “Football and family are two of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday.”

Chuck attended a Family Wealth Advisors Council meeting in New Orleans in February. In addition to listening to some great jazz and eating delicious southern fare, the group discussed how to build a client service-oriented culture and the wisest investment strategies in the current geo-political environment.  

Annette got a new bike for Christmas and started training for the Wine Country Century, which is on May 2.  “If anyone wants to join me for a Saturday morning ride, please give me a shout!”

Justin has been enjoying the great weather (while praying for rain) by hiking and riding his bike a lot. He’s really looking forward to springtime and the longer days that provide more time to spend outside.

Chuck and his children, C.J. (14) and Genny (12), spent time at Tahoe over the New Year’s and President’s Day weekends. Despite the lack of snow, they enjoyed some easy and fun skiing. The best part was relaxing with friends and family.

Justin attended the CFA Society San Francisco’s Annual Forecast dinner in January at the Fairmont. Topics included emerging markets, private equity and local real estate markets.

Courtney started playing tennis again. Her women’s team has done well this past season, earning both the San Francisco and Bay Area titles for their division. But they didn’t stop there; the team travelled to Fresno, beat three different teams and won the Nor Cal title!

Justin and his family had a wonderful but busy holiday season. They visited family and friends in Southern California for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then hosted some expat friends from Shanghai for New Year’s.